Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope is involved in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development

Hôtel Altéora is committed to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility

Hôtel Altéora, AFAQ 26000 certified

The aim of the AFAQ 26000 assessment is to determine Hôtel Altéora's level of contribution to sustainable development.

Hôtel Altéora Poitiers Futuroscope is committed to corporate social responsibility or CSR, affirming its will to take responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of its decisions and activities and be held accountable for them.

Corporate social responsibility or CSR is an improvement process consistent with Hôtel Altéora's quest for overall performance:

  • it means calling into question corporate practices and promotes different ways of working,
  • it shows that Inter-Hôtel Altéora is fundamentally part of society. It cannot be self-contained or remain indifferent to economic, social and environmental issues.

The approach is a new growth driver by opening Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope site up to new customers, new markets, etc.

Hôtel Altéora's CSR approach revolves around 7 central issues:

  • Corporate governance
  • Working relations and conditions
  • Good business practices
  • Consumer protection
  • Contributing to local development
  • The environment by producing its hot water with solar panels and implementing a large-scale waste reduction programme.
  • Human rights

Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope is committed to applying 7 principles:

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Ethical conduct
  • Recognition of the interests of stakeholders
  • Compliance with the principle of legality
  • Consideration for international standards of behaviour
  • Respect for human rights

Hôtel Altéora, its sustainable development and its corporate social responsibility.


Hôtel Altéora reduces its waste


Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope rallies for European Sustainable Development Week


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