Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope is committed to the environment

Inter-Hôtel Altéora is involved in the recovery of waste

Inter Hôtel Altéora does its "Hummingbird's share" for the protection of our natural resources.

Everyone is supposed to do their "Hummingbird's share" according to the book by Pierre RABHI (éd. L'aube). That is why Inter-Hôtel Altéora is committed to doing its share for the protection of natural resources and the recovery of its waste.

Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope raises its customers' awareness of the importance of water, a vital resource, by encouraging them to prefer showers over baths during their stay for example. It also promotes the recovery of waste through sorting by installing appropriate facilities:


Inter Hôtel Altéora encourages its customers to save water, a vital resource



Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope encourages its customers to sort their waste in their room

Tri sélectif Parking Hôtel Altéora

Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope promotes selective sorting on its car parks

Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope and its restaurants Pizzeria Pizz'Alté and La Parenthèse educate their employees about waste sorting and recovery by providing facilities:

  • For the recovery of tins and cans by a steel mill.
  • For the recovery of cardboard.
  • For the recovery of glass.
  • For the recovery of paper by La Poste's Recy'go.
  • For the collection of non-recyclable waste such as jars of paint and solvent to be treated.
  • For the collection of batteries to reuse the metal to make everyday objects such as hardware and sheet metal.
  • For the collection and recovery of cooking oils to produce biofuels.
  • For the collection and recycling of ink cartridges.
  • For the collection and recycling of light bulbs, lamps and neon tubes

Food waste produced by our Pizzeria Pizz'Alté and La Parenthèse restaurants is also collected and recovered using an innovative procedure for the treatment and recovery of biowaste by a high-quality, innovative local start-up.

This whole strategy has made it possible to reduce our incinerated and landfilled waste by 15 tonnes within 2 years, i.e. by approximately 25%. This waste will not pollute nature and will be recovered or recycled.

Inter Hôtel Altéora is doing its utmost to continue along this path for the good of the planet, all of us, and future generations.

Inter Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope protects natural resources


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