Futuroscope Theme Park

Le Futuroscope

500m from Hôtel ALTEORA Futuroscope Poitiers - © JL-AUDYAEROPHILeD-VANICHE,-Architect-(DVVD)-metallic-structure-D-LAMING-ArchitectFuturoscope

An atypical destination combining technologies of the future, unexpected thrills and strong sensations.

2017 Futuroscope Theme Park opening dates

Calendrier d'ouverture Futuroscope 2017

Futuroscope is open from 10 am to nightfall.



Discover the region around Futuroscope:

La vallée des singes

La Vallée des Singes

45 minutes from Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope site

Admission tickets on sale at the front desk.

This 16-hectare park is the only one of its kind in France. It recreates the natural environment of 32 primate species, including gibbons, chimpanzees, marmosets and the largest group of gorillas in France. Come and discover them in total freedom in a haven of greenery adorned with waterfalls. Don't miss the feeding sessions, which will be a highlight of your visit!

Poitiers, Notre Dame


15 minutes from Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope site

"The city of a hundred bell towers" invites you to wander through its medieval streets where you will discover its 80 protected, classified monuments. Don't miss Église Notre-Dame-la-Grande, a Roman Catholic church, and its polyphony! Or maybe you'll prefer strolling around its shaded squares or wandering along its colourful paths that have been designed to take new visitors on a tour of the regional capital.

Chateau des aigles, Chauvigny

Les Géants du Ciel

Falconry show in Chauvigny

just 25 minutes from Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope site, you'll discover a unique attraction in Nouvelle - Aquitaine. The griffon vulture, the bateleur eagle, and many other birds from all continents await you within the walls of the Château des Evêques to amaze you with high-flying demonstrations. Majestic and impressive, they will captivate you. The vultures diving onto their falconers will leave you speechless.


La planète des crocodiles

La Planète des Crocodiles

60 minutes from Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope site

La Planète des Crocodiles invites you to discover 8 crocodilian species (crocodiles, alligators, caimans and African slender-snouted crocodiles) in a dome recreating the animals' living environments with a wide variety of plants.

Marais Poitevin

The Marais Poitevin

60 minutes from Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope site

Let yourself be guided through France's "Green Venice"... Discover the treasures of this exceptional natural area while taking a trip on a rowing boat, riding a donkey or tasting one of the region's gourmet specialities.


Kart racing

15 minutes from Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope site

Once they have put on their gear (helmet, driving suit, gloves, mobcap), the drivers all attend the briefing before each start. Professional marshals train beginners in kart driving and particularly insist on safety instructions.





15 minutes from Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope site

A life-sized video game with latest-generation equipment. Up to 30 players at once. From age 7 up.

Foot and Balls


15 minutes from Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope site

22 bowling lanes fit with lights, a fluo show and 5 giant screens!

Golf et base de loisirs saint cyr

Saint-Cyr Golf Course and Recreational Area

10 minutes from Hôtel Altéora Futuroscope site

Relaxation and a wide variety of activities: horse-riding, tennis, archery, water activities, swimming, and more.

The 9- and 18-hole golf course offers a superb panoramic view of the lake.



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