Our labels and our commitments

Our Labels

Label afaq 26000

AFAQ 26000 label

This label recognises companies voluntarily contributing to sustainable development.

It reflects a will to be as exemplary as possible in the following areas:

- Corporate governance,
- Environment,
- Working relations and conditions,
- Fair practices,
- Human rights,
- Contribution to local development,
- Consumer protection.

Titre Maitre Restaurateur

Maître Restaurateur

Only 9 locations in Vienne have the "Maître Restaurateur" label, including our restaurant "La Parenthèse".
Maître Restaurateur covers customer service quality, the restaurant's design, the structure of the premises and the preparation of the food itself.

The Maître Restaurateur title honours the excellence of the very best professionals in traditional food service, by showcasing their know-how and their commitment to quality. It is awarded by the French state further to an audit undertaken by an independent organisation and is valid for 4 years

Label tourisme et handicap

Tourisme et Handicap (Tourism and Disability) label

The hotel boasts the Tourisme et Handicap label for the 4 disabilities and is tailored to reduced-mobility customers.

The hotel offers 5 adapted Comfort rooms and 8 adapted Privilege rooms.

Only the swimming pool and the cardio-training room are not accessible.

The label ensures that disabled people and their families benefit from the application of standard accessibility criteria throughout the country and relative diversity in adapted tourist facilities.


label qualité vienne

Qualité Vienne label

Created by the Vienne Departmental Council, , this label guarantees the quality of services offered by various tourist providers in the département and recognises high-quality tourist sites. Tourists benefit from a reliable label to choose their destinations for their tourist activities.

The Qualité Vienne label is the result of a voluntary process. At the request of professionals wanting to be certified, a committee of professionals decides whether to grant the certificate of approval which is valid for 3 years. No accommodation or sites are certified for life. This ensures that professionals make ongoing efforts to maintain their service quality.

Label qulité tourisme

The Qualité Tourisme trademark

A sign of quality

Qualité Tourisme is a trademark that acknowledges the rigorous quality policies implemented by tourist professionals aiming for service quality for the sake of customer satisfaction.

A sign of confidence

Registered by the French Ministry of Tourism, the Qualité Tourisme trademark is a sign of confidence for professionals and customers alike.

Our commitments

resoect des ressources naturelles

Respecting natural resources

"All that is precious on Earth is fragile and rare".
Edgar Morin

  • A human body is 65% water
  • Water is a vital resource to be protected
  • Food waste
  • Avoiding over-consumption
Respect de l’environnement

Respecting the environment

"Man should be the guardian of nature, and not its owner".
Philippe St Marc.

  • Economic management of heating and electricity
  • Low-energy lighting
  • Heat pumps
  • Paper recycling
  • Use of organic products for maintaining green spaces
  • Water flow regulators
  • Organic cleaning products
Respect des autres

Respecting others

"One's personal freedom ends where another's begins".
Jean Jacques Rousseau.

  • Silence
  • Work
  • Kindness
  • Politeness
  • Non-smoking facility
  • Humanitarian and socially responsible action


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