The Inter-Hôtel loyalty card:

the Accent card

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The Inter-Hôtel Accent card rewards you for your loyalty...

In over 550 hotels, earn points from the first night

You're going to be spoiled!

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A simple principle:

  • 1 night at P'tit Dej-Hotel = 2 Accent points
  • 1 night at Inter-Hotel = 3 Accent points
  • 1 night at Qualys-Hotel = 4 Accent points
  • 1 night at Relais du Silence = 4 Accent points

A simple, efficient, multi-brand loyalty programme

Chambre Confort

Earn rewards quickly!

  • 20 points: a bottle of Laurent-Perrier* Brut L-P Champagne in a box,
  • 30 points: immediate €40 discount
  • 40 points: a €50 card valid at all SEH locations
  • 100 points: a €120 gift card valid for purchasing a Relais du Silence gift pack

Points earned are valid for 2 years. **

The advantages

  • A free, non-binding card
  • A multi-brand loyalty programme
  • Collect points from your first night
  • Quickly earn rewards

Request your free Accent card at the front desk of our hotels or sign up online


Accent Card

Rewards your loyalty. Ask for it,
it's free!