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Le Futuroscope

An atypical place where are mixing experiences of the future, dreams and thrills. Dance with robots, go on safari with animals of the future or slip into the skin of a Minimoy… Travel with your family or your friends in an incredible universe, in an animated and welcoming place which will know how to surprise you.

See the world otherwise!

© une production ECA2,réalisateur Yves PEPIN- D LAMING, architecte-Futuroscope_Création2


The Rabbids invade Futuroscope Park, hack an attraction and install in their “Machine Time Travel”.

Their goal ?

Attract Futuroscope visitors in a crazy journey in the heart of History highlights, revised and corrected by their crazy humor.

Their caracteristics ?

80 cm of curiosity and idiocy. Everything is fun for them, especially the costumes. Protruding and blue eyes, which are becoming red, when they are upset. A Gold fish memory. They forget everything after only 10 seconds. Even a telephone ring makes them waddle. Undetermined sex. Indestructible. Nothing can stop them.

Inimitable scream: Bwaaah !!!


Free « + » Service

For our clients: Possibility of reservation and withdrawal Futuroscope tickets at the hotel front desk.This service is available for reservations made "on our website."

Calendrier d'ouverture et tarifs 2014

Futuroscope Lapins Crétins 2014

Ticket prices Futuroscope 2014

Adult one day visit 42€
Adult 2 days tour 77€

Child one day visit 32€
Child 2 days tour 62€
Children up to 5 years: free


Crédits : © Futuroscope - Lapins Crétins TM & © 2013 Ubisoft Entertainment. All rights reserved.


Le Futuroscope Calendrier d'ouverture 2014










The Valley of Apes

The Valley of Apes


50 minutes from Futuroscope park

Unique in France, a 15 hectares park recreating the wild universe with 30 species of monkeys, from gibbon to chimpanzee, through little marmosets and the biggest gorilla group in France. Come discovering them in total freedom at the turning of a waterfall and a green island. Strong moment of your visit, do not miss the feeding of animals!





15 minutes from Futuroscope Park

Notre Dame La Grande Poitiers

“The city of a hundred spiers” invites you to stroll through its medieval streets where you will experience its 80 rated and protected monuments. Do not miss it, Notre-Dame la Grande church and its polyphonic! But you will maybe prefer to stroll along shady squares or stroll over the colored paths, itineraries designed to discover the regional capital for new visitors.

The Falconry of Chauvigny

30 minutes from Futuroscope

the Falconry of ChauvignyThe Vulture, Bateleur Eagle, ... among many other birds from all continents, all await you within the walls of Château des Evêques (Castle Bishops) to perform under your very eyes a top-flight show. Majestic and impressive, they will captivate you and dive vultures on their falconers will leave you speechless.


Casino La Roche Posay

À 40 minutes du Futuroscope.

L'univers du jeu vous tend les bras ! Dans le cadre verdoyant de la première station thermale dermatologique européenne, venez-vous adonner à la tentation du poker, machines à sous et autres roulettes anglaises. L'occasion d'une sortie insolite dans un décor magique...

The Planet of Crocodiles

the Planet of Crocodiles



60 minutes from Futuroscope Park

The Planet of crocodiles allows you to discover 8 species of crocodilians (Crocodiles, Alligators, Cayman and false gharial) in a dome with decors recreating the way of life of animals with many varieties of plants.




The Marais Poitevin

60 minutes from Futuroscope park

the Marais PoitevinLet you guide in the heart of the Green Venice… This exceptional territory will make you experience its wealth during a boat trip, a hike on donkey, or when tasting the many gourmet delicacies. A peaceful Haven, which will seduce lovers of authentic village life and unspoilt.


Saint-Cyr Golf and Leisure basis

10 minutes from Futuroscope Park.

Saint-Cyr Golf and Leisure basisClose to the nature? Sports? Saint Cyr Park offers great opportunities for relaxation and varied activities: horseback riding, tennis, and archery ... The water just as much delight lovers of water activities enthusiasts relaxing and swimming. As for the Golf du Haut Poitou, it will allow both beginners and "addicted courses" to play 9 or 18 holes facing a magnificent view overlooking the lake. Get started!